Director Penalty Notice

If you have been served with a Director Penalty Notice contact Insolvency Choice immediately.

A Director Penalty Notice (DPN) is normally served on a director when a company has fallen behind in its tax payments. Failing to comply with a DPN is an extremely serious issue – one that could see directors become personally liable for the company’s outstanding tax PLUS potential tax penalties.

There are options for directors to be cleared (discharged) of their responsibilities following the issue of a DPN, and Insolvency Choice can advise on the most appropriate course of action between:

  • The company paying the outstanding tax obligation in full or in installments;
  • Appointing a voluntary administrator to the company
  • Placing the company in liquidation.

NOTE: A DPN takes effect 21 days from the time it is mailed to you. Do not delay. Take action by contacting Insolvency Choice as soon as you receive the DPN.

If you expect to be issued with a DPN or you have received one, contact Insolvency Choice straight away for an immediate response.