Voluntary Administration

Voluntary Administration can offer a lifeline to a company, giving it time to solve debt problems.

Trading your way out of a tough situation is possible – when you appoint a voluntary administrator.

Voluntary administration may be appropriate when the directors of a company experiencing financial troubles – or a secured creditor with a charge over the majority of the company’s assets, appoint an external administrator called a ‘voluntary administrator’.

It is the voluntary administrator’s job to look into the affairs of the company and report back to creditors with a recommendation about whether the company should enter into a deed of company arrangement, go into liquidation or be returned to the directors.

Valuable breathing space

If your company appears to be heading towards insolvency (cannot meet its debt obligations), contact Insolvency Choice.

Appointing Insolvency Choice as your Voluntary Administrator can give your company important breathing space – once we have been appointed creditors can take no further action against the company.

Need a break from creditors? Contact Insolvency Choice today.